Diddy Dropping Two New Ciroc Vodka Flavors


Vibe | November 3, 2009 - 1:35 pm

Everyone knows Diddy is down with Ciroc Vodka, after joining the brand back in 2007. Since, the liquor has increased its sales, and earned over $2 billion in 2008, says reports.

Now, via Diddy’s input, Ciroc is rolling out two new flavors–coconut and red-berry–which will hit stores sometime in 2010.

The hip-hop mogul inked a multi-year deal with the Ciroc brand in October 2007, where he would act as marketing chief to help spread awareness. Also, he reportedly would share 50% of the profits as well.

If they earned $2 billion in 2008, that’s a nice paycheck we’d say.

Aside from Ciroc, Diddy is hard at work on new music. His forthcoming album, Last Train to Paris, is due out in early 2010.