Jay Electronica Will Last at Least 5 or 6 Wash Cycles


Vibe | April 7, 2010 - 2:30 pm

They call me Jay Electronica
Fuck that
Call me Jay ElecHannukah
Jay ElecYarmulke
Jay ElecTramadaan Muhammad Asalaamica

—Jay Electronica on “Exhibit C”

You know you’ve made it in hip-hop when someone screenprints your lyrics on a cotton Tee. XisTheWeapon.com quoted Jay Electronica’s easy-on-the-ears, tough-on-the-eyes moniker play from his hook-free hit, “Exhibit C” to create this quirky T-shirt for hip-hop heads on a budget. Pony up 12 bucks to support really good rap and kinda-good fashion. —Emmanuel Ureña