Esther Baxter On Not Knowing Petey Pablo & Wedding Bells (Pg. 2)


By: Mikey Fresh / June 30, 2010

Yes, all of them [Laughs]. Guys are always really shy when they want to come talk to me. I’d see them just staring or something and it weirds me out. They’ll have someone come try to talk to me for them. Grown men… [Laughs]

What was the craziest thing you’ve seen on set?

Well, I remember doing this video by Big Tymers and R. Kelly called “Gangsta Girl” and we had a scene where were riding scooters down South Beach. And one of the girls lied on her casting sheet about knowing how to drive one. So we all take off and she ends up crashing into some of the other girls, getting all scratched up. She could have killed me.

Do you feel like coming from the video world and being associated with hip-hop leaves a certain stigma attached to your name?

A lot of people have perceptions of me and think I’m a certain way without knowing me. I had one girl just today who met me and then said “I would have never imagined that you were this cool.” And I can’t understand it. But she told me from my pictures I look like a diva. I just had to laugh because I’m really just a tomboy at heart.

You’ve really come a long way since you were introduced to the world in Petey Pablo’s “Freak-a-Leak” video. How have you changed since that first day on set?

I feel like I’ve been growing ever since that day, but I feel like since the beginning I was always a very mature and level headed young woman. I managed myself in the beginning. Thank God I’ve never gotten star struck in my life, so I’ve never had that whole “oh my god I’m doing a video who so and so” problem. I’ve always been professional but now my business savvy has gotten stronger.

Do you remember anything about that shoot?

It was freezing! We were in South Carolina and it was so cold, everyone was wearing fur jackets and they have these outfits like bathing suits for us. I honestly didn’t even know who Petey Pablo was at the time and everybody was telling me not to do the song because it was degrading to women. But the treatment didn’t seem that bad so I did it anyway and turned out to be a huge for me.

You blew up after that. What did that video do for your ego?

Nothing at all. [Laughs] I was more nervous when people were coming up to me in the street and noticing me. I was just concerned when I had to go the store to buy my feminine products and someone’s there staring at me. [Laughs]

Are video girls really catty and horrible to each other during shoots?

I witnessed some cattiness. In all honestly I let a lot of girls know that I’m not the type to sit here and try to be catty. I’m not there to make friends, if you don’t like me I don’t care. I’m still getting paid the same amount and I’m out. I think a lot of girls knew that and never really brought anything to me. The only bad thing that has happened to me was some petty girls stealing my clothes.

I know you don’t want to talk about anyone specific, but are you happy with your love life?

Yes, I am. I’m very happy with it.

Especially as of late, it feels like people are really trying to attack your relationship and personal life, why is that?

I don’t know and it doesn’t really concern me. Who I’m with is never going to change anything about me. I could care less what anybody thinks about me. I’m not easily influenced by people. I just shrug it off.

But is it even possible to keep you love life private with Twitter and all the gossip blogs out there?

Actually, I think it is. We (she and Joe Budden) kept our relationship private for a while. A lot of people don’t even know how long we’ve been together. It wasn’t until recently that we didn’t deny it anymore. But I don’t care what people say. Why go to certain extents to try and hide it?

Do you see wedding bells in the future?

Um…I don’t get into any relationships without thinking about that and seeing it happening.

So marriage is a possibility in your current relationship?