For The Love Of Money: The 10 Biggest Celebrity Sellout Moves


cyuscavage | July 15, 2010 - 5:15 pm

Say hello to my little… cup of coffee? Apparently, the recession has been hitting everyone’s pockets pretty hard. For the first time ever, Al Pacino—hip-hop’s favorite gangster actor—is using his name to endorse Australian coffee company Vittoria Coffee. In a pair of commercials that hit the Web yesterday, the star of Scarface and The Godfather is seen selling us on his love for the white black stuff.

We’re a little surprised to see Pacino stoop to this level—but, really, should we be? Here at VIBE, some of our favorite celebrities have been pimping products for years now to make a little extra money. Just check out these 10 entertainers who put their good names on the line to make a quick buck. Cha-ching! —Chris Yuscavage