Yung Berg Speaks On His Jim Jones Cosign, Lil Kim Face Jobs & Auto-Tune (Pg. 2)


Mikey Fresh | October 5, 2010 - 6:15 pm

Are there any other big projects you’ve been working on?

Well, Jim Jones was one of those real dudes that came to me and said he seen and understood what I been through. He knew I wasn’t a street guy and was cool with that. Jim is a like a big brother and offered to step in and vouch for me in certain situations. He knew I needed a few key people in my corner, so we just became cool and came together for a few projects. Jim and Dipset are like legends to me, so I was actually a little overwhelmed at first, but this is just another way for me to grow.

Does that mean you’re signed to Byrd Gang or Dipset?

Even when I was signed to Epic Records, it was under my own imprint. But actually Jim Jones executive produced my next album, and I produced his next single called “I’m About My Business.” I also hopped another record from that project.

How did you get Lil B and Too Short on a record?

I reached out to Lil B before he really blew up because I always respected his hustle. He’s dropping so much content online and building up a fanbase all by himself. And he actually already had the song with Too Short on there, so I knew we had to make it happen for the ladies. Plus it was an honor to get anything with Too Short.

I noticed you threw a little jab at Lil Kim on that sing. Were you going at her?

Nah, it’s not that. I don’t censor none of my lyrics—it’s all about how I’m feeling at the moment. I said “Lil Kim Pimpin’/ I might pay you for a face job/ All Black everything don’t make me pull the race card,” but I thought that was just a clever little line. It was what was on my mind at that moment, but I love Lil Kim. She might pay me for a facejob [laughs]

You haven’t dropped the Auto-Tune element of your music. Do you feel like the trend is dying out?

I still love Auto-Tune—it really changed my life. With it, I can create the melodies that I want and improve my music because I know I’m not the best singer in the world. Me and melody go hand in hand. Yall know “Sexy Can I” did four million for me.

A lot of people may not also know that you produce most of your own records and for a number of big artists as you said before.

I’ve co-produced every record I did in my life, and I know what works for me. It’s not about just doing what’s hot at the moment. I know what my lane is—look I’m strictly here to make music for your girlfriend and the guys that needs this music to inspire the mood for his woman. I love all my female fans and appreciate that they are my core fanbase.

Why do you think the media is constantly throwing dirt on your name?

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