The Day B.o.B Realized He Was A Superstar


Mikey Fresh | March 24, 2011 - 1:47 pm

The Day B.o.B Realized He Was A Superstar

For true artists, number-one hits and sold-out concerts are just part of the job. It’s when the White House came calling that made Mr. Ray realize things may never be the same. For B.o.B. that fateful call changed it all.



“Honestly, I still feel when I walk around nobody knows who I am at all. But I guess if there was a moment that had to be close to that, it would probably be when President Obama asked me to perform at one of his functions. It was before the Democratic Midterm. I can honestly say the President of United States is a real cool dude. He complemented me on my kicks, which I thought was G [Laughs]. He even told me he wanted to be cool like me [Laughs]. His security team was off the chain, though. A lot of these rappers are here talking about they got those tools. Mannn, if you only knew what the security service is packing.

The event took place at a huge performance hall. It definitely felt like I had to uphold something, but really more so for myself. I just wanted to make sure I was putting my best effort forward. The memory will never leave me. Maybe an artist will get that opportunity once in their career, so it was something I definitely consider an achievement. You got to hang out with a lot of politicians to get that chance twice and that ain’t me.” — As Told To Mikey Fresh