Party At Sheen’s! Peep Diddy and Charlie Sheen Talking About Bashing It Up


Vibe | March 3, 2011 - 5:32 pm

Despite the current drama Charlie Sheen is going through, everything from rehab to the ill fate of Two And A Half Men, it seems the troubled star is doing one thing right this week: Winning. And he’s starting by bashing it up with the party king himself Diddy.

According to BallerStatus, after hearing about Sheen’s wild week, and sometimes month-long party binges, Diddy wanted in on the action. When Charlie Sheen joined Twitter a little over 24 hours ago (and gained over a million followers!) the hip-hop mogul didn’t hestitate to ask for an invitation.

Diddy (@iamdiddy) went to Twitter and wrote “can u please send me the address to ur house? Ive been dreamin about a party like this all my life #winning! See u soon! Lol,” on Tuesday night (March 1).

Sheen (@charliesheen), who has been secluded in his Hollywood Hills mansion for the past few days, granting one erratic interview after the next, accepted Diddy’s proposal, tweeting in response: “Get dressed my man… sending the driver..!”

Whether or not they’re just Twitter celebs exchanging fun words or there’s actually a huge party in the works has yet to be confirmed, but Charlie Sheen is definitely having a good week. #tigerblood and all. —Keenan Higgins