Fashion Flavor: Audio Push Explain Starting The Foxtail Trend And Why They Stay One Step Ahead Of Style [Pg. 2]

It was more than trends for you guys, but how do you feel about the mainstream totally adopting that style? You’ve got Kanye West, Pharrell, Chris Brown…
Oktane: We gave Chris Brown his foxtail at the “Drop It Low” video shoot!

That’s dope. Did he ask for it or did you guys just hand it to him?
Well we were sponsored by a clothing line, Chubby Boob, and we had ‘em at the shoot. He wanted one, so I gave him and Teyana Taylor one. Then we gave Soulja Boy one at the “Pretty Boy Swag” video shoot. It was just everywhere, but it was dope to us.
As far as it going into the mainstream, I like it. Me and Price are always on some new style; we’re never too stuck on something that’s going down. We used to get mad about it, but now it’s whatever, man. We got so much different stuff that we do every day when we get dressed. 

What are the new trends that people haven’t gotten hooked onto yet?
In the just lookin’ good culture [Laughs], there’s a lot. I don’t consider myself in the jerking culture. I’m not a jerker. In the jerking culture, they dress weird to me. I don’t like the way they dress. It’s like watching your kid go downhill. Zebra pants, cheetah pants and they’ll be pink and yellow? That turned me off of the movement so fast, but we just dress fly. Like, I’m into Vans, and Oktane is into J’s.
Oktane: That’s probably the newest thing I’ll do. If a new J comes out, I’ll go and buy the Jordan and then I’ll buy the baby shoe and tie it on my belt loop and have the baby shoe matching the actual Jordan when I go out.

[Laughs] Something so different. Now, I’m sure you both have seen Chris’ video for “Look At Me” now, and the urban fashion world is kind of buzzing about throwback jerseys and snapbacks being very trendy this summer. What do you think?
That’s dope. I mean, as long as it’s fly. It came around once before and it was poppin’, so if it’s done right, it’ll be dope. It just sucks because so many people make it corny. Like, snapbacks. Snapbacks were the dopest thing in the world and so many weirdos started doing it and made it so corny. [Laughs] I’m for real, so you just have to have a lot of style. You have to move faster than the wave.
I’ll just go get something customized if I don’t want to look like anybody else. That’s how far I’ll take it. If so many people start wearing throwback jerseys, I’ll go get the throwback jerseys and get my last name put on the back with my own number on it!

Dope. I think that uniqueness and ability to think outside of the box is what people are missing right now. They’re trying to keep up with what everybody else is doing instead of being an individual and taking a leap of faith on whatever you like.
Oktane: Exactly.

Musically, what’s next or what’s going on now?
We have this new record called “Throw It Back” which is going crazy out here in Cali right now. That’s our new single and that’s our main focus right now. When we went to Africa, they went crazy over that song. By the summer, it should be everywhere.

Through the grapevine, Interscope dropped the ball with you guys. Are you looking to sign another major label deal?
We’re working out a couple deals right now.
Let’s just say that mistake will not happen again.
Ever again.

When can fans expect your next mixtape and album?
The easiest way to keep up with up is at @AudioPush. We’re working on this free album called The 7th Letter. There’s a lot of talk about that because with the label situation it might actually become the album, so we’re just going to keep dropping a grip of songs that we have stored up, waiting.

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