The Quarter Life Crisis: What To Do When Your Life Isn’t What You Thought It Would Be


namcgloster | May 2, 2011 - 4:23 pm

If you are anything like me, when you were in middle school and high school age 25 seemed like an eternity away. Even in college I believed my life would be at a very particular place when I hit the big 2-5. Surely I’d be married (duh, have you seen me?), I’d have two degrees (a BA and a Law degree), a great job, lots of money, a passport full of stamps, and maybe a child or two if my husband and I were through our “fun” years.


At age 25 I was single, I had those two degrees but one turned out to be a masters after I hastily decided against law school, an ok job, barely any money, a passport that hadn’t been stamped since my college study abroad trips, and no children (which I was thankful for but a fact that invited the chagrin of most of my female family members). To make matters worse, two months before I turned 25, Beyonce was all over the news for turning 25 and being fabulous while I was sitting on my couch eating ice cream adding to the 15 pounds I was trying to lose.

Was this really my life? Where was my husband? Where was my money? How did I get stuck in this horrible city? If I had to be single why didn’t I at least have my “Sex in the City” girlfriends? I had so many questions and the loudest one thumping in my head was “Dear God, do you hate me?”

After I turned 25 I accidently went on a journey of self discovery that probably saved my life. . .

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