6 Things Women Don’t Like to See Grown Men Doing


VIXEN | September 26, 2011 - 11:47 am

–So we’re all familiar with those obsessive, nit-picky articles in beauty magazines telling women what they should do and how they should look to get a man, right?  Right.  They’re nothing new, but I saw one a couple of days ago that was just 24 karat ridiculous.  It was a list of hair and makeup looks that men hate to see on women, and according to that list, men hate absolutely every single thing we can do to our hair, lips and eyes.  Well, guess what?  Sometimes men run around this earth looking veritable messes themselves.  How come nobody ever compiles our onions in a polarizing, generalized list?  What’s that?  You think I should do it?  Right now?  Well, if you insist. Here’s a quick list of six things that women don’t like to see grown men doing…