Chris Brown Takes a Spill While Performing on the F.A.M.E. Tour

No artist is safe from a slip-and-fall accident, and Chris Brown was a prime example of this last night (Aug. 25). While at the Indianapolis…


Gone But Not Forgotten: Legendary R&B Vocalist Vesta Williams

Legendary R&B vocalist Vesta Williams died last week of a possible drug overdose in a southern California hotel room. The fiery songstress had hits such…


Do Me Baby….But Wear This Chicken Suit

I really need to stop watching television. One morning as I was getting ready for work I had the television tuned in to…


The Backslide

You know how it starts. First it’s a purely accidental "bump in to" during an outing or maybe an innocent "Happy Birthday" text.


White Girls On The Mic – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Debbie Harry aka Blondie is the original white girl hip-hop head. She gave it a chance back in the early 80s, when a lot of…


T.I. Reportedly Throwing A $100K Welcome Back Brunch

It looks like when T.I. gets released from the halfway house, he's already got plans to celebrate. According to TMZ, the rapper is going to…


G-Dep To Possibly Face 15 Years-To-Life In Prison

Former Bad Boy soldier G-Dep, who confessed last December to an 18-year-old murder case, is expected to be facing 15 years-to-life after losing a bid…


New Videos: DMX, Soulja Boy, Tyga Feat. Honey Cocaine, Ray J Feat. Kid Ink

NEW VIDEOS FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE. 1. DMX "Last Hope" Earl delivers the first set of visuals for one of his…


5 Free Apps Every iPhone-Using Vixen Needs

Every Vixen must have a fly phone (Fly meaning up-to-date), so what's more current than the it-does-everything iPhone? To be a bossy, on-the-go chick, you…
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