Reality’s Angels: Kita Williams & Monique Jackson Help Define Your Pretty


Niki McGloster | September 6, 2011 - 11:15 am

Kita Williams & Monique Jackson

Is Define Your Pretty and Poparrazzi placed in the show?
Yeah it’s going to be shown. We realized young women of color do not see themselves in a certain light. If you’re not blond-haired and blue-eyed, you’re not going to be on the cover of Vogue; you’re not going to be on the campaign for Gucci or Chanel. We’re not even on those standards of beauty, so our young girls don’t see that their pretty is powerful. We need to figure out how to empower them to feel that, so we created Define Your Pretty where pretty isn’t about pretty hair, a pretty face, a pretty waist. Pretty is about what you define it as yourself. You can be pretty smart, pretty creative, pretty fearless, pretty creative, pretty strong. When you define your own pretty, the exterior don’t matter because you walk in your own essence of beauty.

We’re the faces this year of the United Negro College Fund Empower Me Tour, so we’re going on a 25-city tour. We start at Howard [University] on September 10, and we’re going to speak on panels. Outside of the empowerment part of Define Your Pretty, we’re actually creating beauty products for Define Your Pretty that has a good message. We’re creating hair care products for Define Your Pretty and we’re also going to have Pretty Hair, Pretty by Poparazzi and we’re having the entire Pretty collection debuting on our website on August 22.

We’re definitely looking forward to trying those products! What are your beauty secrets, and what are your five beauty must-haves?
Oh wow, my hair wrap is one. That’s a key!
We created the Diva Wrap which has built-in conditioner, and it’s great.
Yeah, the Diva wrap is a must-have. We created a flat iron because the hair tools need to be essential in order to make sure the hair is proper. Then, the hair shine is very important to me, it’s called Define Shine.
We’re in HD, so we use the Define Shine. We have this Moroccan Oil we also use which is really nice. We use that only twice a week on our actual hair to keep out hair healthy when we have the weave in. For skin, I use Derma-J. They’ve been around a while too. Instead of promoting other products, we can promote ours.