From Idea To iPod – The Evolution Of A Game-Changing Product (Pg. 3)


Vibe | October 21, 2011 - 6:44 pm

 Pocket Videos
Why stop at just music? The color iPod was introduced in 2005 with the video iPod following a year later. Besides access to your library of music, users now had access to music videos, films and television shows—which could be legally downloaded, for a fee, via iTunes, of course. The iPod had become an all-in-one entertainment center, that fit in your pocket. But although the iPod ‘Classic’ helped make Apple a business titan, it’s run basically came to an end after 2009’s version.

 Phone Time
You got your iPod loaded with all sorts of media in one hand, and your phone in the other. Then Apple decided to free up one of your hands when it introduced the iPhone in 2007, which was named Time Magazine’s Invention of the Year. Again, there had been other smart phones, but the iPhone featured Apple’s now legendary combination of design and functionality. And of course, there was an iPod built in. And for those who were wary of making calls but wanted to use that newfangled touchscreen, later that year the iPod Touch was released, too.

From Idea To iPod – The Evolution Of A Game-Changing Product (Pg. 4)

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