Michael Strahan Talks About What It Means To Show Good Leadership


cyuscavage | October 17, 2011 - 2:55 pm

What goes into being a good leader? Former NFL player and current FOX NFL analyst Michael Strahan should know. He helped lead the New York Giants to a Super Bowl victory back in 2008 by using his strong leadership skills both on and off the football field to set a good example for his teammates. So in conjunction with VIBE and the U.S. Army, the future Hall of Famer sat down recently to talk more about what leadership means to him.

Watch a trailer of Strahan speaking about leadership below. And then head over to the Stars and Stripes site to see him go more in-depth on the issue of leadership. Make sure you stay tuned to the Stars and Stripes site, too, as VIBE and the U.S. Army will have plenty of other videos featuring Strahan coming soon. Follow our lead and check it out now!