3 Signs You’re an Overanalyzer & How To Break The Habit


VIXEN | November 22, 2011 - 1:13 pm

From Uptown– Overanalysis is the devil. It causes sleep deprivation, dry nights, high blood pressure, cotton mouth, migraines, carpal tunnel, and cell phone radiation poisoning. I know there’s been a point in your life where you wanted something to be perfect or to have the perfect understanding. Maybe it was a question that never got answered the way you wanted. Maybe that worked out for you. Maybe it didn’t. Maybe you ended up with one of the conditions above.

Coincidentally and to their detriment (as you know from experience), Over-Analyzers have a way of turning the most basic situations into intractable obstacles. You know what I’m referring to if you’ve ever had to clear hurdles that only existed in your head. You lost minutes, hours, or days thinking about something that turned out to have a simple answer. You planted some thought in your mind and it felt as if the top would never stop spinning. And while you went through all this, the Object of Your Analysis (OYA) gallivanted freely through the field of daisies and kumquats that was his life.

Are you still an Over-Analyzer today? Well, let’s see. Here are 3 signs you might still be on that bullsheet and how you can get outta your own way:

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