The People and Places Name-Dropped on Drake’s ‘Take Care’ Album

Drizzy Drake is a true gentleman. Last night, when his sophomore album Take Care made an early arrival to listeners’ ears , Mr. “Headlines” gracefully urged his Twitter followers to take in his album at their will. With only 8 days before its official release date, Drake took the leak as a blessing. VIBE listened to Young Money’s latest project and in the process took note of the people, places, name drops and references made on the album. Read below for a breakdown of the references on Take Care.

Song: “Over My Dead Body”
References:  “Don’t I got the shit people wanna hear again/ Don’t Michael Jordan still got his hoop earring in”
“My city love me like Mac Dre in the Bay/ The second album I’m back paving the way”
“Oh you wanna be a muthafuckin’ funny guy/Don’t make me break your Kevin Hart boy”

Song: “Shot For Me”
Reference:  “It’s a shame you ain’t keep it/ Alicia, Kateya, I know you gonna hear this I’m the man”

Song: “Headlines”  
Reference:  “Soap opera rappers all these niggas sound like All My Children”

Song: “Marvin’s Room/Buried Alive (Interlude)” 
Reference: Kendrick Lamar (Guest feature):  “Bright lights and Rihanna has a lady friend”  and “A Black Maybach, 40 pulled up, Jeep no doors, All that nigga was missin’ was Aaliyah

Song: “Underground Kings” 
Drake brings back Wayne’s hook on Baby’s “Neck of the Woods” and “Playaz Circle “Duffle Bag Boyz”
References: “Walkin like a man/Finger on the trigger got money in my pocket I’m a uptown Nigga”
“And If I don’t do nothing I’m a ball/ I’m countin all day like a clock on the wall”
Memphis Tennesse know, see I start to go deep back, in Ridgecrest with my see back with Yo Gotti and E-Mack

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