Dropping an Athlete’s Baby isn’t All the Money it’s Cracked Up to Be


VIBE Vixen | December 14, 2011 - 1:47 pm

Financial stability is a trait most women seek in a partner. Some just want a man with equal pay, others prefer the man be the breadwinner, and then there are some ladies who are are looking for a full lifestyle upgrade courtesy of a well-paid athlete. We call these women groupies.

If we’ve learned one thing from recent headlines surrounding struggling athletes and their ex-wives/girlfriends/baby mamas, its knowing how to handle a ball doesn’t mean knowing how to handle balling. And the women who got with these players thinking it would be all Gucci Bags and Monolo Blahniks from there on out—and dropping a baby or two would seal their financial future—are finding out its actually possible for the well to run dry. Quickly.