Lost & Found: Are YOU the “Basic” Girl in the Crowd?


Ellisa Oyewo | December 27, 2011 - 8:03 am

After flipping through TV channels and skimming magazines on a Saturday afternoon, you see which trends are rapidly spreading like wildfire. In your head you think it’s just a matter of time before you see one of the trends make a personal appearance in your world. So sure enough your friend gives you a call to come out to an opening that evening. You head to your closet and pull out your vintage skirt, your friend’s top you borrowed a year ago, and throw on an eclectic mixture of jewelry and head out the door. As you enter the event you notice the edgy, trendy girl, who looks like she popped out of Nylon mag, walking past you. As you continue to make your way through the crowd, you notice — either you had one too many drinks already, or you are seeing double takes of women. Hmmm …  After convincing yourself that you’re too fashionable to be a trend slave, instead of conceding that you may be a “Basic” girl, you blend all the girls together.

All fashion and style addicts love standing out from the crowd.  But the issue is when all the new trends and styles come out, they are the first ones to grab them all. Not one or two or maybe even 3 trendy styles — but every style that comes out a magazine. So what is a girl to do when countless other girls are using the same fashion directory to dictate their style choices?  This defeats your attempt to stand out, relegating you to “Basic” girl status when you’re trying to transcend the monotony.