Step Your Text Messaging Game Up!


Niki McGloster | December 12, 2011 - 11:32 am

There’s no reason that your text messages should be misconstrued. Sure, half the text message medium is based on the receiver’s perception of said message, but truthfully, how do you expect to prosper in conversation without the proper manipulation of texting? Now (as the face-to-face interpersonal purists have a fit) let’s face it: this generation was raised within the birth of the text messaging era. We should, undoubtedly, know how to convey–at the very least–a decent text. And I know, there are a few convos that are better discussed in person, but the little stuff or the get-to-know-you texts should never warrant a I-don’t-get-it side-eye. Here are a few simple (and obvious) ways for you to get your message across without flaw. And some of these rules can go for your 140-character tweets too…