A Natural Hair Regimen For Your New Year’s Workout Regimen


Franny Crooks | December 27, 2011 - 8:02 am

Renae Bluitt
Publicist/ Blogger

www.crush-media.com/ www.inhershoesblog.com

“When it comes to working out and natural hair, I truly believe it’s a match made in heaven. We can finally toss out the deterrents like, “I don’t want to sweat out my hair” and get a workout in worry free! When it’s warm outside, you can wash and condition your hair, leave the conditioner in, pull the hair back in a ponytail and work out. The heat generated on your scalp during the workout helps the conditioner penetrate your tresses and acts as a deep conditioner. Being able to kill two birds with one stone is what I highly recommend for a woman on the go.“