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DamnAnthony | January 2, 2012 - 3:13 pm

It’s been an incredible year for VIBE Vixen, and we’re honored to share fashion, beauty and entertainment gems with you every step of the way! To celebrate the close of a fab 2011 and welcome a new, wonderful year, our editors have chosen their favorite links since the launch! Check out our favorite links below and tell us which stories you loved on our site!

Is Beyoncé Losing Her Appeal?
I’ve been a Beyoncé stan for as long as I can remember. Since first hearing her velvety-smooth soprano on Destiny’s Child’s “No, No, No” remix, I’ve eagerly anticipated every musical offering she’s given us…

5 Actresses Who Could Replace Stacey Dash on ‘Single Ladies’
When rumors hit the web that Stacey Dash had been fired from VH1’s hit scripted show, Single Ladies, we couldn’t help but be devastated. With her beauty, style and penchant for romance, Stacey made the show’s main character, Val, come alive…

4 Things You Should Not Share With Your BFF
It’s been a while since many of us have been in kindergarten, but I think it’s safe for us to leave that “sharing is caring” rule behind. BFFs share a lot but knowing what things to keep to yourself can keep your friendship running smoothly…

Dudes We Love But Could Never Date
Simply put: Just because we love them, that doesn’t make him good for us. Here are five types of guys that we love but could never date…

10 Reasons Amber Rose Should Have a Seat
Admittedly, I like Amber Rose. But I liked her much more when she played the role of being seen and not heard. Rose is a beautiful woman with an insanely stacked body. In the past six months or so, Rose has gotten a little ahead of herself with her “diarrhea of the mouth”…

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