Evelyn Lozada Takes Shots at Jennifer Williams Via Twitter

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kholmes | January 27, 2012 - 4:11 pm

There’s a back and forth game of she said, she said between Basketball Wives Miami ex-besties Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams. Yesterday we reported that Jennifer told Sister 2 Sister magazine that Evelyn was allegedly upset because she was friends with Nene Leakes and Mashonda.

Tired of the bull, Evelyn took to Twitter to respond to Jen stating:

“So @iamjennifer thinks I’m MADD that’s she’s hanging out with @NeNeLeakes ??? Bitch pls! Interview coming soon…. #ItsOnContacts Tired of this heffa constantly running her mouth to remain relevant! @iamjennifer Let’s talk boo! You will never WIN!  @iamjennifer No matter how long u walk around with those purple contacts, u will never be a white girl! #InsecureAss

And if that wasn’t bad enough Ev’s fiance, Chad Ochocinco, put her in check on stating:

@EvelynLozada Do not send another tweet out if it’s not positive.” She then proceeded to retweet him stating “The man has spoken ***DROPS MIC*** RT: @ochocinco: @EvelynLozada Do not send another tweet out if it’s not positive.”

At least Evelyn’s fiance is being mature, maybe it wil rub off on her.