Robin Thicke Channels Old Hollywood in ‘Pretty Lil’ Heart’


kholmes | March 2, 2012 - 1:30 pm

Smooth and sexy singer Robin Thicke released the video for his second single off his Love After War album “Pretty Lil’ Heart” featuring Lil Wayne. The Marc Klasfeld-directed clip is set at a motel in the desert, and Thicke channels the late James Dean.

“The inspiration behind this song was really just about when you’re in a relationship and you’re faced with all the challenges of temptation and attraction to other people, how can you trust when you’re not with that other person [that] they’re doing you right?

As a big “old movies” fan Robin “wanted to embody a little bit of that old cinematic charm…and put it into some soul music.”

Check out the vid below!