Match My Fly


VIBE Vixen | April 2, 2012 - 10:34 am

Fit: Whether your style is inspired by the streets, the runway or the board room, all men should be semi-conscious about the fit of their garments. There’s no reason for your whole behind to be hanging out over the top of low-slung jeans. Nor should your skinnies be more fitted than mine. If I can see every muscle, bone, and leg hair through your denim, you ain’t steppin’ out with me! Saggy collars, capri-length jeans (or are they just long shorts?) and too tall (or small) tees will also get you left behind . . .

Risks: I am completely aware and, grudgingly, accepting of the fact that most men aren’t motivated by fashion; many of you don’t keep up with what’s going on in the magazines and stores, nor do you have any desire to experiment with your looks. Fine. I guess everybody can’t be my boo Andre 3000, after all (tehehe!). But it would be nice to find a man who does mix it up. Whether it’s throwing on a bit of color, adding a print/texture, or trying a new fit of pant—it’s the little things that make the biggest impact. Be creative.

Special Occasions: As fine as some men I’ve dated in the past have been, God forbid we have to step out to a formal gathering or special event! The thought of throwing on a blazer would be considered downright disrespectful to some of those fools. However, at this age men should be able to 1) discern which settings call for a more polished look, and 2) clean it up for the night! Understand that a well-fitted suit is sexy. And let it be charcoal or all black with a black shirt and tie to match—whew! Now, you’re on to something . . .