70-Year-Old Virgin Finally Ready To Get Married and Have Sex


| May 11, 2012 - 12:34 pm

Here’s something you don’t read about everyday.

One of the world’s oldest walking virgins is finally ready to give love and sex a shot. Meet Pam Shaw: she’s 70-years-old and has never slept with a man.

“Now’s the time. I’m ready to take the plunge for the right bloke. My standards are still very high, though,” Pam said in an interview. “I’m hoping to bag a tall, dark and handsome millionaire.”

Pam blames her abstinence on her passion for her life-long career as a cabaret dancer. She says for as long as she can remember men have been getting the wrong impression of her because of cabaret’s risque nature.

“Men saw the outfits I wore on stage and thought I would be easy. But I’ve never really been intimate with a man, just a bit of kissing. I had a sexy stage name and dressed sexy but that was all for my career.”

Today, Shaw is now ready to find the right male suitor and finally get hitched.

“I feel I am ready to give marriage a go and maybe go to bed with a man. You are never too old for anything. Just look at Joan Collins,” says Pam.

How did she hold out for so long?

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