Racks on Racks: Kim Kardashian’s Priciest Getups


Adelle Platon | May 15, 2012 - 4:50 pm

Even though canoodling with Kanye West at the Lakers game was guaranteed blog fodder, Kim Kardashian’s courtside getup was also worthy of headlines.

Decked out in Givenchy spaghetti strap-ups and a curve-hugging designer leather dress, the famed Kardash sis sported a $3,700 look. But racking up racks on racks of label ‘fits is nothing new for the reality star who’s a Louboutin regular.

We decided to audit Kimmy and see just how much paper it’ll cost ya to throw it in the bag like a Kardashian.

Peep some of her pricey ensembles here!