The 12 Hottest Kim Kardashian Photos From 2012


| June 14, 2012 - 7:01 pm

Hate on her all you want. Tell us that she has no talent. Blast her every time she shows up on the blogs. Criticize her for her 72-day marriage. Call her latest relationship with Kanye West a sham. Seriously, do whatever you want. But, do not—and, let us stress this: do NOT—sit there and try and tell us that you don’t think Kim Kardashian is hot. Because, Kim K isn’t a lot of things. But, one thing she most definitely is is hot.

Just in case you need a reminder of that, we’ve searched the Internet high and low—we’ve got a tough job, don’t we?—and come up with a list of The 12 Hottest Kim Kardashian Photos From 2012. We’re about halfway through the year now, so we thought that a nice recap of Kim K’s first half of 2012 might be nice. So, if for whatever reason you’re still not convinced that Kanye’s boo is all that and a bag of Lay’s, we suggest you go ahead and click through this photo gallery. It’ll make you a believer once and for all.