On The Feet Of New York: VIBE’s Weekly Kick Picks


| June 15, 2012 - 10:01 am

Check out this weeks edition of VIBE Kick Picks, where we catch the hottest sneakers stomping around the pavements of NYC.

Coming off the release of the Air Yeezy 2 (did you get your pair?), we hit some hotspots around town to see if we could spot the first on-the-street pair. Unfortunately, either all the sneakerheads in New York City either didn’t get a pair or are really smart and not wearing them just yet.

So while you still have that inner debate with yourself on whether it’s worth spending a year’s sum of rent on a pair of sneakers designed by Kanye West, here’s some other sneakers that are worth paying notice to. We even caught a pair of the first Air Yeezys—can those be considered “throwbacks” yet? Hmm…

The Sneaker: Nike Dunk (Motley Crue “Dr. Feelgoods”)

The Sneakerhead: Gio

The Story: “I always liked them since I was a little kid, so why not? I found a good spot, the guy gave me a good price, and that’s it—I’ve loved them ever since.”