5 Summer Fashion Trends We’re Loving


By: VIBE Vixen / July 9, 2012

1. All Sheer Everything
If you can’t go nude, why not allude? (Y’all can’t even lie – that was mad catchy, no!? lol) Sheer garments are about the closest we’re gonna get to wearing our bikinis out in public. Unless, of course, you’re in a city like Miami where you can actually get away with that if you choose. No comment. Whether it’s a flowy blouse or maxi skirt, let the air in and all inhibitions out. Show some skin, why dontcha? Just a peek.

– Kimchi Blue, “V-Inset Crinkle Blouse”, $59

– ASOS, Sheer Maxi Skirt with Pleats, $75

– Forever21, Sheer Shirtdress w/ Belt, $20