Back to School: The Types of College Guys You’ll Meet


Adelle Platon | September 3, 2012 - 11:14 am

The years spent in college are meant for finding yourself, but it doesn’t hurt to survey the campus for “the one,” too.

While your GPA should be top priority, it doesn’t hurt to pay attention to the cuties in class. In case you’re as picky about a man as your major, check the four types of undergrad bachelors below!


The Overachievers

Whether freshmen or fresh men, classrooms will be ripe with ambitious individuals for the picking. Even if he has an undecided major, you can tell if a fellow has his goals lined up based on his extracurricular activities. Student government? He’ll be in the political know. College newspaper? He can make you fall in love with his wordplay. Greek life? See the next category.

The Frat Boys

Ladies, take heed. Guys who are part of a fraternity are looking for acceptance and a clique of homies to roll with for the rest of their collegiate years. Understand that the bros will come first if you try to cuff one. Also, excessive partying and joint events with sororities come with the territory.

The Cool Kids

For some, a college education means enhancing your passions. A dude who is about that creative life will spend majority of his time, honing his skills whether in the TV studio, photo lab or on stage. Looking for a guy who could win your heart with an artistic flair? Check in to courses that breed them: Photography, Art, Intro To Television Production and check out the selection.

The Lazies

Whatever you do these four years of your life, steer clear of no-motivation men. Some come to college to get more knowledge but the homies who are cutting class and spending their time doing unproductive habits don’t deserve a second of your time.