Last-Minute End of Summer Getaways


Deena Campbell | September 13, 2012 - 11:40 am

Six Flags Great Adventure and Wild Safari

Six Flags Great Adventure and Wild Safari

Most think Six Flags Great Adventure can be conquered in a day, but with over 2,000-acres filled with the fastest, tallest, wildest, rides in the country, it can easily be turned into a weekend getaway. If you’re feeling brave, ride Bizzaro (a coaster with fog and fiery flame effects), launch your body down 45 stories at 128 mph on the world-record-breaking Kingda Ka or be Superman for a few minutes as you ride head-first through a twisted steel track on the Dark Knight.

Animal lovers won’t even need a plane ticket to Africa for a taste of wildlife. The Six Flags New Jersey park has a 350-acre wildlife preserve Safari that’s home to 1,200 animals. Take your car through the safari and watch as endangered species greet you. Or, cool off at Hurricane Harbor and splash into the million-gallon wave pool or slide down over 15 speed slides.

Insider Tip: The fun doesn’t have to end in one day. Check into one of the parks partner hotels and receive a discounted nightly rate. We suggest going on a weekday, weekends are jam packed!