The Wife Call…


Mashonda | November 8, 2012 - 12:40 pm

Infidelity reigns. Hundreds of boyfriends and husbands cheat every hour, and single women are looking for their future husband, boyfriend or temporary sponsor—and you better believe they will do whatever it takes to get him and keep him. It’s not a fair game out here; females are on the prowl with a mission. Not to take any fault away from the men that are involved in these scandals, but let’s face it, women hold 75% of the power in these reckless relationships. We, as females, can walk away from or turn down a married or committed man way before he would turn us down. Those of us that are built with a lack of compassion, and raised with little to no morals, will degrade ourselves and our “fellow women” just to get what we think is the prize.

Let’s remove the cheating husband from the equation for a moment, only focusing on the “other woman.” This is the story of the first, and hopefully the last, time someone’s wife will call my phone.–Mashonda Tifrere