V Exclusive! Dyro Hypes on His Hardwell Hookup

A common occurrence in the EDM community is the big players recognizing the divine talents of the next generation, and taking a rising star under their wing; like we’ve seen with David Guetta’s mentoring of hotshot Nicky Romero, and the support Swedish House Mafia’s Sebastian Ingrosso threw behind his brother’s own outfit AN21 & Max Vangelli. Holland hotshot Dyro is another fresh face who’s shooting up the DJ/producer ranks, and at Amsterdam Dance Event last month he told VIBE about the similar partnership he’s forged with countryman Hardwell. “Yeah, it’s really important nowadays to find someone who supports you, who admires you and puts you out there,” Dyro told VIBE. “They use their recognition, because otherwise you’ll be lost amongst the crowd, because they’re often focused on the big guys out there. I always say, you have to impress the big guys first. They will introduce you to the big crowd; and then you can impress the big crowd.” Hardwell has been a rising EDM powerhouse since 2006, when he debuted as a producer before quickly delivering a staggeringly impressive stream of singles and remixes, himself earning a tick from Tiësto via several studio hook-ups and tour supports. However, Hardwell offered Dyro a powerful boost late last year when he released the freshman’s debut EP on his Revealed Recordings label, the subsequent support powering the youngblood’s breakthrough at the Miami Winter Music Conference this year. Dyro told VIBE he’s now working to further develop his sound. “It’s what I’m trying to do right now, I want to distinguish myself from the rest,” Dyro told VIBE. He’s been a demon in the studio this year, pumping out close to 20 singles, remixes and collaborations, including his remix of Calvin Harris and Nicky Romero’s monumental “Iron.” “I’m trying to produce more diverse records right now, because I noticed the sound is starting to get a little boring,” he says of searching for new creative directions. “There are some really good tracks in there, if I do say so myself. It’s a little more edgy, more electro; and I have some pretty cool progressive tracks too. I rediscovered the progressive scene, and I’ve actually really enjoyed it,” The conversation took place at ADE only an hour before Dyro was set to speak on the conference’s ‘Next Generation’ panel, a spot taken up last year by fellow Dutchman Nicky Romero; who’s since exploded in popularity around the world, of course. If you’re interested in sampling some of Dyro’s new studio sounds, check out his remix of Example’s “Close Enemies,” showcased recently by Hardwell on his radio show…

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