Pardon the Introduction: Robert DeLong on Face Painting and the Letter “X”


| February 7, 2013 - 4:33 pm

Robert DeLong is the best of both worlds. He knows how to jam on drums, keys, guitar and even played in his high school’s jazz band back in the day. But then DeLong got to thinking: What if he tweeked it all a bit? After transplanting to sunny Los Angeles from his native Seattle, DeLong added electronic elements to his organic sound, equally inspired by the Rainy City’s David Bazan and So Cal’s the Postal Service.

DeLong distorts and loops his music, sometimes through Wii and various other gaming controls, simultaneously combining the indie rock singer-songwriter aesthetic with electronic nuances. The result is one dope sound that will make you want to hit play on DeLong’s recent debut Just Movement, and not stop listening till the end. Watch him explain it all better …