Ciara Addresses Rihanna Twitter Controversy


N. Brown | March 8, 2013 - 5:48 pm

Can’t we all just get along?! Earlier this week, Rihanna and Ciara were up in arms over an alleged second Twitter beef. In case you missed it, Ciara posted a video of her singing her new single “Body Party” in a bathroom for fans. A day later, Rihanna’s assistant and best friend Melissa posted a photo of themselves watching the video (and laughing). While some saw it as a sign of support for the singer, others took it as shade. Today, in an interview with Chicago’s 107.5 FM, Ciara addressed the controversy, calling Melissa and Rihanna’s actions a subliminal diss:

“I thought everything was cool because I actually saw Rihanna two years ago at the MET Gala after we had the little small back and forth and from what I recall everything was cool. So, in my mind I operate from a place of love and pure support. If you would have asked me about her up until this point I would have nothing but good things to say because I’m really happy for her. But I didn’t receive what they did from a positive place.”

Both of these divas have a lot going on career-wise, which begs the question: how do they have time to worry about each other?

Vixens, who are you siding with?

Listen to the full interview below:

Photo Credit: Instagram