Gentlemen’s Corner: B5 Talks New Music, Dating and Fave Summer Styles on Women


VV: So what are your favorite fashion trends for the females?
Dustin: I can say one thing I’m a fan of, I love girls in spandex. It gets me every time, I can’t even front.
Patrick: Leggings and stilettos.
Carnell: I like leggings but I also like those short little tank top shirts.

Crop Tops.
Kelly: I like girls in those summer dresses, I think those are nice. I like the girls with the L.A swag, the whole graphic tank tops.
Dustin: From the whole hipster movement.
Bryan: Yeah, I like the leggings.
Dustin: Bryan agrees with me, leggings all day.

What are some trends that you don’t want your girl wearing?
Patrick: I don’t like the baggy clothes, but they don’t have to be extra tight.

So you don’t like the tomboy look?
Patrick: Yea, it’s just when it’s too baggy.
Carnell: I’ll tell you one thing I don’t like the girls that wear those Jersey Dresses, you’re too old to be wearing that.

I didn’t even know people still wore those.
People still wear them.
Dustin: Yeah, that’s not the move right there.

So what are some of the big plans for the summer?
Patrick: We’re just working on putting out new music. We definitely want to tour.
Carnell: We’re trying to go overseas–London, Japan, Dubai. Just trying to reach the whole world.

Kelly, will you spit some bars on this album?
Kelly: Yeah, I’m working on some raps right now. There’s going to be some raps and possibly a mixtape, so we’ll see what happens. There wouldn’t be a B5 album without [my bars].

Is there anything that you wanna let your fans know?
Patrick: Since we put out “Say Yes,” the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re working hard to put out the best B5 album, so thank you guys. We appreciate the support.