Olivia Pope Vs. Kerry Washington: Who’s More Scandalous?


Sharifa Daniels | May 5, 2013 - 11:52 am

Scandal’s Olivia Pope and her team of gladiators, especially the suited and sexy Columbus Short, are controlling the people who run the world. At the same time, Pope’s real-life persona Kerry Washington has captivated us with her flawlessly fab, um, everything.

Our obsession has gotten so serious that Washington is now synonymous with Olivia Pope. We constantly do a double take when either one steps into a room, whether we’re awe-struck by what Kerry is wearing or tweeting Olivia’s key quotables.

Take a look at our Pope-Washington face-off to see how the on-screen character matches up with the real-life leading lady.

Who’s more scandalous?

Photo Credit: Divas and Dorks