Plastic Surgery Rumors Swirl Around Adrienne Bailon


Camille Augustin | June 20, 2013 - 12:21 pm

Adrienne Bailon Debuts Very Different Face

The cameras zoomed in on Adrienne Bailon’s face after speculations of plastic surgery rumors started at the 40/40 Club 10-year anniversary celebration (June 17) red carpet appearance. Reports detail that her topknot bun pulled up tight and “extra-heavy eye makeup, highlighted cheekbones and fuller lips” strayed on-looker’s thoughts to believe that the “Loosen Me Up” singer received professional facial contortion.

Bailon previously faced plastic surgery rumors in March when she tweeted a picture of her face with no makeup and typed “No Plastic Surgery! I’m not perfect but I’m happy with this simple face. Its MINE!”

Photo Credit: Inquisitr