Vixen Chat: Vashtie Describes Perfect Summer Outfit and Plans for New Violette Collection


Niki McGloster | June 18, 2013 - 2:28 pm

Vashtie really needs no introduction. The downtown culture curator has several slashes in her bag of boss titles–director, designer and DJ, just to name a few–but most importantly, the down-to-Mars, hardworking woman knows how to enjoy the perfect summer Friday.

In collaboration with Green Label Sound and brand agency Team Epiphany, the 32-year-old creative hosted TE’s #SummerFridays at NYC’s Open House Gallery last week, alongside 90s-loving bestie Oscar Sanchez.

Sure, a breezy afternoon (all play, some work) with a star-studded crowd is luxury best served cool, but the bonus? Va$htie gave us the rundown of her summer Friday faves and why she doesn’t mind going Green Label. – Niki McGloster

Photo Credit: Instagram, Mel D. Cole/ Villageslum

VIBE Vixen: What brings you out to #SummerFridays?
Va$htie: Everything Team Epiphany has done thus far has always been really creative and cool in a really organic way, where it unites all different worlds. Just knowing their history with bringing brands together in an organic way kind of brought me out. I DJ so I came out on a professional level, but I also came out to support because Green Label Sound, in particular, has been bridging music and culture in a unique way.

So you want to do more with Green Label.
Absolutely. As far as a brand that’s interested in tapping into youth and music culture, I love it. I feel like a lot of brands just try to come in a throw their logo on something, [but] I’ve been seeing the growth of Green Label. I love their vibe and I love that they’re listening to the artist, as opposed to telling the artist what to do.

As an artist–a DJ–yourself, how are things progressing?
I feel like it was one of the creative outlets that I never really pursued until doing my parties with Q-Tip. He would urge me to do it. It’s cool because I feel like I’m a budding DJ. I use the word lightly because there are DJs that’ve carried records through clubs and know the actual craft of deejaying. This is a new way of the form, the digital age, and I like to use the word selector.