Today In SMH News: Amanda Bynes Reportedly Gives Dog A Gasoline Shower, Carlos Danger Revealed And More


| July 24, 2013 - 5:32 pm

Amanda Bynes’ fiery antics may have placed her under psychiatric hold but in the heat of the moment, she reportedly doused her Pomeranian with gasoline by accident. Luckily, she found a sink in a local liquor store to clean up the mess. [TMZ]

Anthony Weiner and his weiner got caught in yet another sext-capade. In a failed attempt to cover-up his junk, the mayoral city candidate allegedly used the alias “Carlos Danger.” Someone get Olivia Pope on the line. [HuffPo]

Speaking of nudes, 729 naked folks plunged into the Mediterranean Sea and set a world record. [The Sun]

A grumpy cat (known as Grumpy Cat) is releasing a book. What are you doing with your life? [Daily Mail]

Kids with rubber babies ran amuck at a state fair. [Jezebel]