Today In SMH News: Toni Braxton Sings Her Songs Farewell, Killer Bees Kill Horses And More


| July 29, 2013 - 12:50 pm

It’s just another sad love song for recent divorcee Toni Braxton as she settled her bankruptcy by putting her chart-topping catalog on the auction block. Bad news: she lost. Good news: “Un-Break My Heart” wasn’t one of the hits for sale. [TMZ]

This is the best way to kill your buzz. A reported swarm of 30,000 killer bees poked their business into a Texas couple (they could have been sexist too given that the woman was stung 200 times and her boyfriend, 50) and stung so hard, they killed their two horses. [Fortworth Star-Telegram]

Anthony Weiner’s campaign manager says sayonara but that’s not stopping the politician also known as Carlos Danger. [Gawker]

A thief pulls off a stunt made for the cinema: snatching $53 million worth of jewelry in the French Riviera right under security’s nose. Spoiler alert: the setting was actually where Alfred Hitchcock filmed “To Catch A Thief.” [CBS News]

Ever wondered how to get arrested at Chuck E. Cheese? Unleash the pepper spray when a kid takes too long, cashing in his tickets for a prize. [Fox 6 Now]

Photo Credit: Getty