Mark Romanek Talks Directing “Picasso Baby”


| August 3, 2013 - 4:35 am

In an interview with GQ, Mark Romanek, director of Jay Z’s “Picasso Baby,” revealed the innovative plans behind the visual from the location to the idea’s inception.

Check out a few excerpts below:

On picking Pace Gallery as the venue:
We wanted to pick a Manhattan gallery. Pace was the right size and I wanted a space with natural light. I didn’t want the filmmaking to drive it, I wanted the filmmaking to be kind of a neutral document of what was going to happen. And the good people at Pace, Andrea Glimcher and everyone there was super accommodating and that was a big factor, too.

On performing for six hours:
It was important to me that we didn’t feel like we were just ripping off Marina, so we contacted her and told her what we were interested in doing. She was very open and happy to let us be a part of what she saw as a continuum of performance art influences. She ended up coming by and being a part of the event.

On what this visual piece means for hip-hop music:
As for what it means in the history and development of hip-hop, that’s for other people to say. But reading Jay’s book, it’s important to him that the poetry he’s laid down is treated as an art form, and not some disposable pop music. This video is a product of his desire.

Photo Credit: hot97