10 Hilarious N Sync Style Moments


I won’t lie and say I didn’t squeal like a little girl when N Sync appeared on stage 10 years after breaking up. Dressed in black and white suits, the 5-piece tween dream (quickly) moved through a a two song medley before Justin Timberlake concluded showing us why he’s the “President of Pop.”

As I watched Justin, J.C., Joey, Lance and Chris make their way back into the hearts of girls everywhere, I couldn’t help but get nostalgic for the days when the quintet would bust a move on TRL. What I didn’t notice (until now) is that their style evolution is almost as epic as the group itself. Frosted tips, tight shirts and matching outfits are just a few things that describe boy band fashion at the turn of the century.

Click through the pages for some looks we’re glad went “bye bye bye,” including the above picture.