Veteran EDM Artist BT Opens Up About New Album And Twitter Rants


| August 14, 2013 - 9:37 pm

BT has spread his skills all over the music spectrum. From producing his own music to working on scores for movies, TV and video games, the Grammy-winning artist is getting ready to release his ninth album, A Song Across Wires, next week. The Grammy winner – born Brian Transeau – has used his fame to assume responsibility and let out his frustrations against the negative impact Twitter effects the EDM community via Twitter.

“I feel a lot of my work, as it were, in mentoring people is talking to them about their core motivation, what they’re doing this for, and helping them have a mission statement—you know, like what is the end goal? ‘Cause if the end goal is to play the main stage at Ultra and have sex with a lot of girls, then you’re fucking lost, honestly.”

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