Back Up! Beyonce’s 10 Best Unreleased And Rare Tracks


| September 5, 2013 - 12:51 am

Today should be a national holiday. That’s the least we could do to acknowledge and celebrate the birth of music legend/weave pioneer Beyonce. It’s hard to believe that the heart and soul of Destiny’s Child is now 32 years old. I mean, the woman is aging in reverse and her steely grasp on the wigs of less successful contemporaries hasn’t loosened a bit despite boycotting iTunes and devoting her time to flawless Tumblr updates.

To pay tribute to Queen Bey and the breadth of her mind-boggling musical legacy, we’ve decided to look back on some of Third Ward Trill‘s best rare and unreleased tracks. While rummaging through pop leftovers of lesser divas could be a painful task, the birthday girl’s demos and bonus tracks are better than your average lead single. Need proof? Reacquaint yourself with 10 exquisite Beyonce tracks that deserved a better fate after the jump. Happy birthday, Bey!

10. “What’s It Gonna Be” – Dangerously In Love bonus track (Listen)

Mrs. Carter had a reputation as something of a goodie two shoes when she launched her solo career — the size queen antics of “Ego” were a good five years away — but Bey tried desperately to shed that image on Dangerously In Love bonus track “What’s It Gonna Be”. She sings: “You know I’m feelin’ you tonight so let’s find a certain spot to go where we can get to know each other better.” Funnily enough, hooking up in a club sounds positively innocent compared to today’s radio fare.

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