Billy Ray Cyrus Unfazed By Daughter’s Antics: ‘That’s Still My Miley’


Stacy-Ann Ellis | September 20, 2013 - 3:04 am

No matter how many sticks and stones people may toss her way concerning her reckless behavior, Miley Cyrus knows her dad will always be in her corner. During a “Piers Morgan Live” interview Thursday night, Billy Ray Cyrus offered up his opinion on the twerk-filled VMA performance that had many asking the question, “Where is her father?” “I’m her daddy. I come for that school of as a singer/songwriter, as a musician, that it starts with a song,” he told Piers. “And it’s that magic moment when a song finds the right artist, the right singer, and it becomes a synchronicity of that moment in time. Miley harnessed into something very special. She’s just Miley. She’s an artist, she’s real. I think that’s what’s happened over the years, Miley has been reinventing her sound. She’s evolving as an artist herself. I think that it’s all of what everyone is calling controversy now. That’s still my Miley.” Watch the clip above for the full conversation.