Stream: French Electro House Alex Gopher Teases ‘No Drop’ EP


| September 20, 2013 - 5:59 pm

It’s time to face facts. Whether dressing like robots, to DJing in giant cubes, to cavorting in videos that would make Caligula blush–the French house crew is a tad daft. Alex Gopher is no exception. On his debut album he included a love ballad sung by two Apple Macintosh voices (“Ralph & Kathy”), and Wuz, his project with Demon, boiled House tropes down to a molten bath of gurgling bleeps and sizzling hi-hats. A few days ago, Gopher posted a teaser to No Drop EP, remixes of the title track from his upcoming new album. Included on the EP are reworks of No Drop by Greek tongue-twister NTEIBINT and Japan’s Shinichi Osawa (aka Mondo Grosso). As expected, the original is crunchy as a drunk mosquito deep fried in electro-funk, while NTEIBINT’s mix swings for the chandeliers with a sparser, more downtempo touch, and Osawa keeps pretty true to the source, burning a bit more rubbery bass under the frenetic rhythm. Stream the whole scintillating bump after the jump and follow Alex Gopher to stay on top of his never-ending shenanigans.