It Ain’t That Bad: 8 Ways to Get Through The Day With a Job You Hate!


Nicole Breeden | October 16, 2013 - 11:31 am

woman sleeping at work

2. Stop Complaining About Your Problems and Start Making Them Better
Find an open gap in your schedule or try to score an extra 15-minute lunch break to work towards your dream. It’s not enough to just want it. And if you’re waiting for someone to Fed-Ex you your dream job? Good Luck!

Do you want to be a writer? Photographer? Or just have a plan to walk the hell up out of that job? Utilize your free time; Make your problems better by being proactive. Write in that blog you abandoned a year ago, pin a few photographs that inspire you, and network with different types of people. All of the resources are available to machinate your next move.