V Sessions: Glenn Lewis Gives A Taste of Love While Performing ‘Don’t You Forget It’


| October 17, 2013 - 6:49 pm

R&B singer Glenn Lewis treated VIBE with his sultry voice during a V Sessions performance at Atlanta’s BMI offices. Glenn seduced us by singing his 2001 single “Don’t You Forget It,” off of his debut album World Outside My Window. With three albums under his belt, and with the release of his new album Moment of Truth, the veteran gives VIBE a useful piece of advice when coming out of a break-up.

“That’s one thing that I would recommend to anyone if you, for whatever reason, you come out of a relationship usually you should give yourself time to just kind of do things out, get back to you,” says Glenn.

Check out Glenn and his guitarist perform “Don’t You Forget It” in the video above.

In case you missed Glenn perform his single “Can’t Say Love” off of his new album Moment of Truth, check it out here.