Surprisingly, Michael Jordan Isn’t Unbeatable In Beer Pong (Photos)


Stacy-Ann Ellis | November 14, 2013 - 12:22 am

Michael Jordan still has shots in him. He recently made someone’s weekend by showing off his shooting skills, but this time he traded his familiar orange basketball for a small, white ping-pong ball. The 50-year-old retired baller joined in a friendly game of beer-pong with some patrons at Miami’s Ritz-Carlton .

And being the bawse that he is, he did it wearing a Jordan t-shirt and Jordan 11 Concords. Of course his lucky opponents captured it on social media:

The most shocking thing about this whole sighting wasn’t that he was there, but that he didn’t win. According to one Instagrammer, he actually lost a game. Supposedly, “#thegroombeathim.”

Still, pretending to shoot 3s with a basketball legend is one heck of a wedding present.